What are the modified plastic additives?

2022-01-05   Pageview:101

Plastic additives are a variety of auxiliary materials added before or during the plastic molding process to facilitate the production of products and performance improvement.

Several common lubrication additives in the plastic modification industry.

PTFE powder: improve the lubricity of the substrate, wear resistance, non-stick and flame retardant, significantly improve the use of substrate performance.

Wax powder: suitable for PE, PP, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, etc., to improve the affinity with inorganic substances and compatibility with polar resins. It has stable chemical properties and good electrical conductivity, and is an effective dispersant in the production of color masterbatches. It can effectively improve the vividness of the color of the products.

How to improve the wear resistance of engineering plastics? With the addition of PTFE micronized powder or layer lubricant such as molybdenum disulfide, the friction force and friction heat will be reduced due to the reduction of friction coefficient, and the adhesive wear will be controlled. When the amount of PTFE micronized powder added is relatively large, the transfer film between the friction surface becomes smoother and reflects better wear resistance, and the wear mode at this time is mainly the abrasive wear formed by the solid on the polymer opposite to the friction substrate.

At present, the domestic modified wear-resistant engineering plastics, mostly add molybdenum disulfide, its wear-resistant mechanism is dependent on its lamellar crystalline structure, can only produce black or gray products, and in the presence of water conditions, molybdenum disulfide due to water absorption lubricity will be greatly reduced. The use of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) micro powder can solve such problems.

Tianshi PTFE micro powder has a low molecular weight, the average molecular particle size can be as fine as 1.5 microns, the appearance of white powder, with high molecular weight PTFE resin has all the excellent performance, its outstanding features are: particles into a spherical, between the particles do not bond and not caking, excellent dispersion, small particle size and uniform, large specific surface area, low bulk density, high oil absorption value, dispersion in the solvent viscosity is low, It can be evenly mixed with other powder and liquid materials.

The use of PTFE micronized powder can enhance the performance of the main material, such as.

1) wear resistance, friction resistance and scratch resistance; 2) easy decontamination properties; 3) anti-adhesive properties; 4) lubrication properties (for engineering plastics modification); 5) anti-friction, anti-wear properties.

A variety of specifications of PTFE micropowder, which can adapt to different kinds of wear-resistant engineering plastic systems, from low temperature POM to very high temperature PEEK have relevant application cases, and also equipped with plastic wear test machine, high magnification microscope and other equipment, can assist customers to analyze the various problems encountered in the process of wear resistance.


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