Physical indexes of AEM-5700T paint anti-mildew agent

2021-10-21   Pageview:637

Appearance: natural color liquid
Active substance content (%): ≥2.2
pH value (original liquid): 3.0~3.7












There is no rule to determine the ratio of driers between varnishes and colored paints. The amount of lead and cobalt driers should be increased to maintain their dryness.

① For dryness, apply a coat of paint on the tinplate and measure its surface drying and hard-drying time.
②Appearance of paint film, paint on tinplate or bottomed wood chip to observe the color retention, byk polypropylene wax gloss retention and blooming of the paint film. Observe the fogging and frosting for at least one month.

Anti-thick film wrinkle test: Weigh the quality of the paint on the sample plate or squeeze a certain volume of paint with a syringe, apply the paint sample on a small glass sheet or tinplate sample plate (5cm×15cm), and place the paint (about 2g) on ​​the sample plate. The four sides of the sample plate are inclined to spread evenly, so that the paint does not flow out of the edges. The sample is placed on a horizontal table and allowed to dry for 3 days. If it only wrinkles on the thick edges, it can be determined that it has excellent thick film wrinkle resistance.
③Storage performance, repeat the test for dryness and viscosity after one month of storage.

④In the exposure test, within the range of normal drier dosage, the weather resistance is not much different. If the amount of cobalt and manganese driers is too much, a natural exposure test must be carried out.


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