The working principle of paint matting agent

2021-09-14   Pageview:734

On the principle of matting of the coating film, it is generally believed that a tiny bump is formed on the surface of the coating film first, and the surface forms a diffuse reflection of the incident light. When the coating film dries, due to the evaporation of the solvent, the surface is constantly shrinking, so that the uniform distribution of the matting agent particles in the surface to form a very small bump.











Coating matting agent can make the coating surface gloss significantly reduced substances called coating matting agent, the largest amount of ultra-fine synthetic silica, followed by micronized wax, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, zinc stearate amount is smaller.

In addition, the addition of body pigments, increase the pigment content, add incompletely compatible resin components and mechanical methods to make the surface of the coating rough or surface embossing can also reduce the gloss of the coating film. Coating matting agent is sometimes called matting powder.

NEW-0451 is micronized polyamide wax, which has excellent thixotropy in various kinds of coating systems. It can provide good thickening, anti-settling and anti-sagging effect. Has good thixotropy, suitable for various kinds of solvent coating systems. Especially in marine paint and anti-corrosive paint, it can form a mesh structure with the effect of anti-settling and anti-sagging.



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