Fumed silica matting agent pc-300

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PC-300 is a fumed silica matting agent (matting powder), the appearance of white feathery loose powder, the whole production process is a vacuum process, the packaging is vacuum packaging. When the light irradiates to the rough surface, the reflected light will be scattered and the luster will be reduced. pc-300 matting agent is based on this light scattering principle and produces matting effect, when the film layer dries, the matting agent in the film layer makes the film surface form a kind of microscopic rough surface, when the incident light reaches the film light surface, slow scattering occurs and produces matting effect.











Product technical
Pore volume: 1.6
SiO2 content (%):≥99
Average particle size(um):3
Specific surface area (m2/g): ≥360
Oil absorption (g/100g): 200~300
Weight loss on drying (WT%): ≤2.8
PH value: 6.0~7
Whiteness: 98

Product characteristics
1, Non-toxic and non-flammable, high temperature resistance, chemical stability, light weight, large porosity, high activity and other characteristics.
2, Excellent matting effect, can be used to make semi-matte, soft and full matte products.
3, Good dispersibility, can be produced by general high-speed disperser.
4, High transparency, not easy to form mist, ptfe polyethylene wax, good micro thixotropy, can prevent hanging phenomenon when spraying.
5, Smooth coating film, good hand feeling, scratch resistance.
6, Good anti-sinkability, the paint will not generate hard precipitation during the storage period, with good anti-sink effect.
7, No effect on the drying, curing and recoating of the paint.
8, Strong stability under high shear force.

Use method
This product can be used in all kinds of paints, especially in polyester paint, polyurethane paint, alkyd paint, nitro paint, epoxy resin paint and other types of varnish or color paint for matting, water-based coatings can also be used, the product can also be applied to the matting of rubber and plastic products, widely used in PP, PE, PS, PC, ABS, PPC-300 and other polymer materials, also suitable for crystal silicon, printing and dyeing, ink tanning and other industries.

The normal addition reference amount is 2~8%, which can be determined according to the type of paint and matting degree on a trial basis. In the process of using the standard high-speed disperser, the matting agent will be fully dispersed in the semi-finished products, in order to fully play its matting effect. Generally, the speed is 1200r/min~1500r/min and the line speed is above 20m/S, and the high stirring time is 15~20 minutes, so that the dispersant can be fully dispersed and the fineness can meet the requirements, do not stir for a long time, so as not to reduce the matting effect, and try to avoid using ball mill and three roller machine. If you make matte color paint, you can add pigment and filler to grind first, then add matting agent and grind it. It can also be made by adding pc-300-800 matting agent to the existing color paint and stirring at high speed.

Storage and packaging
Store in a dry and pollution-free place, prevent from moisture.
Package: 5kg/pack


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