Application Of Oxidized Polyethylene Wax(OPE Wax) In Water Paint

2024-06-04   Pageview:38

Application of oxidized polyethylene wax in water paint, water-based wood coatings have relatively weak properties such as resistance to boiling water, resistance to organic media, fullness of wood decorative coatings, resistance to sticking and washing, and mechanical strength, which hinders the further promotion and application of water-based coatings. The emergence of wax emulsions effectively alleviates these problems.

Wax emulsions are roughly evenly dispersed in the system. After application, the distribution of wax particles has a glossy film surface after the paint film impacts the surface, and because of the particle size distribution of different types of wax additives, it will produce different degrees of diffuse reflection after light irradiation, which will produce different effects on the gloss of the coating.

1. Improve the gloss of the coating. It is generally believed that the greater the change in the particle size of the wax emulsion, the more obvious its gloss effect; in addition, the gloss of the coating is also related to the crystallinity of the wax. The particle size of wax emulsion has reached the nanometer level, and it is a good surface protector for high-gloss ink systems.

Second, it provides high smoothness, high wear resistance, and scratch resistance. The use of wax emulsion can not only improve the scratch resistance of the paint film, but also affect the adhesion and gloss resistance of the paint film. After the polyethylene wax emulsion is added to the water-based paint, during the film-forming process, the wax drifts to the surface of the coating and disperses evenly. A layer of wax protective film will be formed on the coating, and the friction coefficient will be reduced; this can improve the anti-friction of the coating, improve the smoothness and scratch resistance.


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