How to use matting agent?

2021-09-16   Pageview:824

Powder coating matting agent is a matting agent, the use of the following methods.

1, the curing speed of different powder coatings, with dry mixing method to mix, then the resulting coating film gloss significantly decreased, to play a matting effect.

Due to the high reactivity of the powder coating quickly cured, so that the continuous phase of curing slower resin leveling and reaction is hindered, a good final curing coating film to lose luster. Although this method is effective, but increase the manufacturing process and cost.












2, Adding thermoplastic resin.

In the epoxy powder coating add cellulose acetate, in the polyester powder coating add fine powdered low molecular weight polyethylene, polypropylene resin can get matte powder coating.

The gloss of the coating film is affected by the manufacturing conditions. Because the addition of thermoplastic resin will affect the storage stability of powder coatings, so the amount of addition is limited to 2-3% of the amount of resin.

3, Use special curing agents with matting effects.

4, Adding filler with matting effect.

At last, polyester resin wax additive, can be uses in many industrial usings, feel free to contact us.


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