Polyester matting agent for oil based paint

2021-09-18   Pageview:321

Product Model: SWF-X20
Product Brand: Kexin
Product range: Thermoplastic polyester matting agent for paints and coatings
Sanding agent, Sanding powder also known as (sanding surface powder, sanding agent, standing agent)













Product Description
Sanding agent can be used as a special texture additive in powder coatings to produce a fine sand-like appearance. It is suitable for coating household appliances such as VCDs, audio equipment, office supplies, sports equipment, and other industrial equipment. Especially for the surface decoration of computer panels.

Product specification

1, Appearance: oxidized polyethylene wax emulsion
Very fine white powder
2, Melting range (degree): Medium temperature 200℃ High temperature 400℃ Low temperature 160℃
3, Use
(1) Applicable to any system of powder coating such as pure epoxy, epoxy/polyester, polyester/TGIC, or F125 and PU, etc. The coating presents a uniform fine sand grain-like appearance.
(2) Compared with all current texturing additives, the texture effect of the coating is more obvious and stable.
(3) The additives such as leveling agent and benzoin in the formulation can be used or not, thus reducing the cost of use.
(4) Since a good use effect can be obtained at a very low dosage such as 0.08%, the sand pattern is obvious and clear.
(5) Storage: Store in a cool and dry place and avoid contact with other chemicals.
(6) Package: polyethylene lined kraft paper bag, net weight 25kg per bag.


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