Can Putty Paint And Wax Powder Be Used?

2022-12-13   Pageview:276

Can putty paint and wax powder be added? Putty powder lubricant is a water-soluble composite functional polymer material. The molecular structure of the main component is a three-dimensional network structure. It is a good thickener and can be used in concrete and mortar. Prevent bleeding, segregation, and reduce delamination.

wax additive

Function of putty powder lubricant:
1. The powder building materials added with putty powder lubricating wax (such as: water-resistant putty, thermal insulation mortar, etc.) are smooth and smooth when scraping, but do not sag, and do not affect the thickness of scraping.
2. Water retention effect: In terms of water retention alone, it can replace methyl cellulose by 10%-30%. (subject to specific application)
3. Cohesion: Increase the cohesion between the product and the base surface, and it is not easy to crack and powder.
4. Film-forming property: Increase the film-forming property of some products such as water-resistant putty, which can improve the polishing effect of putty, easy to polish, and the resulting wall feels smooth.
5. Water absorption: The water absorption process is completed within a few minutes.

TIANSHI putty powder slip agent is more conducive to construction, more efficient construction efficiency, easier to pump, reduce friction between mortars, stabilize the air inside the mortar, reduce stickiness, and make the surface putty , Prolong operable time, improve lubricity, slow down setting time, prolong open time, improve sag resistance, reduce settlement, reduce delamination, and make synchronous structure consistent.


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