Application Of wax Powder In Paint

2022-10-13   Pageview:337

Wax powder is used in coatings. Wax powder is an indispensable additive in coatings. The wax powder produced by Tianshi can improve wear resistance, smoothness, friction resistance and transparency in coatings. It plays an important role and serves nearly 10,000 customers.

1. Degassing. Due to the presence of small molecular substances on the surface of powder-coated substrates, especially for porous substrates such as cast iron, cast aluminum, and zinc substrates, this type of wax solves the problems caused by the above substrates, such as pores, air coating defects such as blisters and pits.
Two, smoothness. Both wax powders have the effect of improving smoothness and increasing the storage stability of coatings. Tianshi wax powder can produce no odor and smoke during the baking process, which is more conducive to environmental protection.
Third, control the gloss. Generally, wax additives in coatings have requirements for matting and gloss retention, because during baking, the wax will float to the surface of the coating film and form a fog, thus reducing the gloss.
4. Wear-resistant, anti-scratch and anti-scratch wax is distributed on the surface of the coating film to protect the coating film, prevent scratches, abrasions and provide abrasion resistance. Generally, propylene-modified wax and polytetrafluoroene wax are added, which are especially effective for dark-colored flat formulations and sand-textured formulations.
5. Reduce particles and resist handprints. When people produce powders containing metal powder, pearl powder, etc., they have the following problems:
(1) When the amount of metal powder is increased, the powder will have particles, and the charge will decrease. join one
Determined post-mixing wax can significantly improve such effects.
(2) After using the silver flash formula for a period of time, it is sensitive to human sweat, and it will lose its luster and the fingerprints on the surface cannot be removed. After adding a small amount of wax powder, etc., it will be improved.
6. Sand graining agent. Texture agents are a class of substances in a powder that make the powder substantially non-leveling or insoluble in the curing system. Generally, PTFE wax is used. Generally, the price is more expensive, but the dosage is small and the texture is strong. Another type is polyolefin-modified wax. When choosing a sand texture agent, in addition to the chemical composition and dosage, the size and depth of the sand texture can be controlled, and the particle size distribution and dispersing ability of the micronized wax are also important aspects.
Adhering to the mission of “infinitely promoting the precise application of wax additives”, Tianshi gathers the wisdom of all employees, takes customer demand as the core, and builds a continuously growing large-scale industrial base that grows into wax additives. industry leader in the field.


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