The Role Of Wax In Baking Varnish Coatings

2022-12-16   Pageview:214

The role of wax in baking varnish paints, in the painting/printing process of various paints, often requires a layer of dry, plump, anti-adhesion paint film, which does not affect the performance of the entire product. The main anti-adhesion effect is achieved by adding water-based wax emulsions to the paint formulation.

wax dispertions

In paint formulations, polyvinyl wax emulsion can effectively improve the wear resistance of the paint film, the paint film is very smooth, effectively reduces the friction coefficient of the coating, plays a non-adhesive role, and also improves The useful life of the product.

Wax emulsions are used in different areas of the coating for different products, for example, wax emulsions can improve the sag resistance of architectural coatings, polyvinyl wax emulsions, which have good stability, due to the coatings used to make anti-settling agents system, in many solvent-based resin systems. Adding oxidized polyolefin wax can prevent or silica gel settling to form lumps etc.

Wax emulsion can improve the toughness of paint: When plastic is used as the base material, the requirements for paint are different. Commonly used low molecular weight polyvinyl wax emulsion. When applied to acrylic or polyglycol copolymers, the cross-linking and affinity of thermoset coatings will be greatly improved.

Water-based wax emulsion can improve the abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and adhesion resistance of the coating. Can be used as a primer and topcoat for clear high gloss systems without compromising clear gloss and recoatability. The wear resistance, scratch resistance, hardenability, smoothness and adhesion resistance of the coating are significantly improved.


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