How to choose matting agent for water based paint?

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Matting agent selection for water-based coatings

Water-based coatings rarely use volatile organic solvents. Dried hydrated silica is not very suitable, because micron-level synthetic silica matting agent is porous material, strong water absorption capacity, poor stability of the base material particles, easy to make the quality of the coating film deterioration.

Hydrogel type silica matting agent, water content up to 55%, after drying pore volume 1.2mL/g. Appearance is still liquid white powder. Easy to add, strong wettability, easy dispersion, no water absorption, no bubble generation, particle size release after drying is unchanged.










Surfactant market situation
In many technical applications, special surfactants play an irreplaceable role. Surfactant manufacturers must face globalization and the resulting globalization to provide consistent products. The world’s surfactant market is approximately 8.6 million tons, 10.5 billion euros, and approximately 3.3 billion euros each in Western Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region. The plastics and rubber industries mainly consume surfactants in the form of emulsion polymerization. In 2000, North America consumed 93,000 tons of surfactants through emulsion polymerization, with a market value of approximately 187 million euros .

Approximately 52% are anionic surfactants, 47% are nonionic surfactants, and mst wax additive the rest are mainly aminobetaines. The amount of various emulsifiers consumed in North American emulsion polymerization is shown in Figure 1-1. Non-ionic surfactants are still mainly alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ethers (A PEOs), and a small amount are fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ethers. Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ethers have improved ecotoxicity indicators, so they are also called “green surfactants”.

They will change the scenery on both sides of the Atlantic in the near future. As they have been widely accepted, the replacement of emulsion polymerization and application fields has also begun.


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