PP Wax Emulsion is Bound to Make an Impact in Your Business

2021-04-16   Pageview:993

PP wax emulsion can provide excellent slip resistance in water-based varnish, water-based paint and other fields without affecting scratch resistance. It is an important coating additive. Tianshiwax is the largest wax additive manufacturer in China.

Make an impact in following applications
1. In the field of coatings such as water-based inks, water-based paints, water-based paints, and water-based varnishes, the main purpose of PP Wax Emulsion is to increase the scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and dispersibility.
2. In the leather finishing agent and release agent industry, it can be used as leather polishing wax, burnishing wax, etc., which can provide leather finishing agent with unique luster and feel.
3. Polishing agent for floors, leather, furniture, automobiles, paper products, etc.
4. Glass fiber modifier, such as glass fiber sizing agent. Glass fiber with PP wax emulsion as finishing agent has strong bonding force with PP resin.
5. Water-based adhesives. The effect of wax emulsion for water-based adhesives can improve cohesiveness, heat-sealability, open time, and low temperature resistance.

PP wax emulsion has the characteristics of hard coating, high melting point, and a certain degree of slip resistance on the surface. During storage, PP wax emulsion should be kept airtight, cool and anti-freezing. Please try its adaptability beforehand when mixing with resin, solvent and other substances, especially considering the pH value. It is generally recommended to add wax emulsion at the end of the mixing process.


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