Application of Ceridust 920F PTFE modified wax

2021-12-13   Pageview:328

Ceridust 3920F has the following properties

In conventional solvent-based systems (industrial paints, can coatings, coil steel coatings)

Improves scratch resistance and smoothness, prevents products from bonding to each other, improves slip and prevents scratches caused by hard metal objects

Improves mess resistance and smoothness in powder coatings, increases flow of coatings in spraying devices and conduits, resists dirt contamination in the final product Has the hardness and flatness of polyethylene, which provides excellent abrasion and scratch resistance and lubricity.













In the Coulomb force formula, q is the electric charge carried by the powder coating particles; a vacuum boundary electric constant: h is the distance between the powder coating particles and the object being coated.

When the value of y is greater, the Coulomb force is also greater. Generally, the electric anode of the resin used in powder coatings is relatively large, and the electric charge of the powder wood coating particles is not easy to lose, but it is easy to discharge. However, some resin types, such as polyvinyl chloride resin, have low resistance, which is easy to lose static electricity, and the potential drops quickly.

The powder coating that has adhered to it is re-released, therefore. The electrostatic properties of powder coating resins have an important impact on the electrostatic coating performance of powder coatings. When choosing powder coating resin varieties, we must consider the problems of women. In addition, when spraying with Chuan friction electrostatic spray gun, internal powder wood coating The positive and negative polarity and the amount of the electrostatic charge generated by the friction between the resin and the spray gun vary depending on the type of resin. Practice has proved that some resins are suitable for the application of the wax electrostatic spray gun, and some resins are not suitable. For friction electrostatic spray gun coating, for example, epoxy powder coating is easy to be frictionally charged, and friction electrostatic spray gun coating can also be carried out without friction charging agent; some resins such as epoxy polyester and poly resin powder coating are not suitable for friction Electrostatic spray gun coating, this resin must be modified by adding a tribostatic agent before it can be coated with a tribostatic spray gun.

Dispersibility in the resin In the powder coating composition, in addition to the resin, there are curing agents, pigments, fillers and additives: in order to make the various components in the powder coating mix uniformly, these curing agents, pigments and fillers are in the resin It has good dispersibility and good miscibility between additives and resin. That is to say, these components have good miscibility and dispersibility with each other, so that they can give full play to the role of various components. Generally, thermoplastic resins have a large molecular weight, few polar groups, poor wettability between pigments and fillers, and a little dispersibility between each other; while thermosetting resins have polar groups, which have good wettability to materials and fillers. Dispersibility is also good.


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