Evonik matting agent in paint

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Evonik powder coating matting powders provide excellent matting effects while improving the hardness and flexibility of the coating.

SPHERILEX® powder matting powder for powder coatings has the following characteristics.
– High matting efficiency with controlled desired effect
– Improved hardness and flexibility
– Uniform and consistent appearance












Although nonionic surfactants have lower CMC, they have no significant effect on the formation of micelles. This is attributed to the fact that this type of surfactant preferentially enters the monomer phase 171. The CMC values ​​of some anionic surfactants specially developed for emulsion polymerization are shown in Table 1-1.

Anionic surfactants are typically used as a single emulsifier, or mixed with nonionic surfactants in order to improve stability in different emulsion synthesis processes, and nonionic surfactants are used as auxiliary emulsifiers. The CMC values ​​of some typical nonionic surfactants are shown in Table 1-2.

The CMC value of some non-ionic surfactants
Surfactant is the key component of emulsion polymerization. The system uses water as the continuous phase, including monomers with low water solubility, water-soluble emulsifiers, and fatty acid amide wax non-ionic surfactants in the water phase. Palisade micelles

Schematic model of non-ionic micelles
It is not like suspension polymerization, which is simply the polymerization of monomer droplets. The Harkins mode of emulsion polymerization discussed here is based on styrene or butadiene monomers, persulfate water-soluble initiators and anionic surfactants in water.


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