Medical gloves with “powder” to prevent sticking?

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Medical gloves are an indispensable medical device product in clinical medical work. The main function is to protect patients and medical staff in medical operations and control infection. They are widely used and used in large quantities. Medical gloves are limited by the material and production process. In order to prevent the gloves from failing due to adhesion, powder (talc, starch or modified starch) is usually added as a release agent during the production process.

Due to the addition of powder, powdered medical gloves have certain risks to patients and users during use. Recently, the State Drug Administration conducted an assessment of the use and risks of powdered medical gloves.

After evaluation, the benefit of adding powder to medical gloves is to prevent glove adhesion and easy to wear; the risk is that it may cause wound infection of patients and cause allergic reactions of medical staff, granuloma formation, organ adhesion and other complications. In the production process of powdered medical gloves, due to the need to add powder to the gloves, it will also cause environmental pollution and harm to operators.

After the rubber gloves are produced, it will be a headache if they are anti-stick, and the problem of stickiness has always been an urgent problem for customers to solve. Wear (allows wet hands to wear) effect.

Wax emulsion used in medical gloves for anti-adhesion and isolation:

Tianshi – experts of wax emulsion  is a water-based product, which is used in the production of medical gloves. Wax emulsion is an indispensable additive in the production process of disposable medical gloves. Generally, there are two kinds of wax emulsions for rubber gloves, paraffin emulsion and polyethylene wax emulsion. Wax lotion. Among them, paraffin wax emulsion is mostly used for latex composite impregnation, with strong compatibility and stability with the system, dilution without demulsification, good mold release and anti-adhesion; polyethylene wax emulsion is mostly used for polymer impregnation, with larger particles, so as to achieve higher abrasion and slip properties.


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