How to choose micronized wax for wood coating?

2022-02-01   Pageview:485

How to choose micronized wax type for oil-based wood coatings? To improve slip and anti-adhesion in coating ink; as matting and sanding additive in wood coatings.

To improve the abrasion resistance and high hardness of matte floor finishes, waxes with high melting point and strong polarity can be used.

To achieve the effect of soft and delicate hand, polyethylene / amide wax mixture, very fine polyethylene wax composition; to have anti-sinkability fork to the paint can help sub-powder dispersion, polyamide wax paste can be used.

To increase the scratch resistance of the surface, a wax with higher melting point and stronger polarity is optional. To increase the polishability of transparent primers, especially acid-curing transparent primers, 2400 polyamide wax micronized powder with higher melting point and stronger polarity is optional.

Effect of micronized waxes on the performance of oil-based wood coatings.

Influence of polarity on its surface properties: good hydrophobicity, good anti-adhesion and slipperiness.

Effect of particle size on its gloss: it has a certain matting effect.

Improve surface performance:its surface slip is good; slip and can improve the surface mechanical properties, such as anti-scratch, anti-metal scratches; good anti-slip; can resist slip, wear and scratch.

Influence the feel: produce different feel, produce from delicate and smooth to have a unique pattern effect.


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