Advantages of matting agent silica

2021-09-19   Pageview:634

Compared with natural silica, matting agent silica has high purity, high inertness and UV resistance. The refractive index of amorphous silica is 1.46, which is similar to the refractive index of many resins in the coating industry, so the ultra-fine amorphous silica can be dispersed in coatings as a matting agent and has good optical properties.









Interestingly, the 30EO surfactant is the highest wet scrubbing resistance, and this is obtained without any wet adhesion monomers or additives to improve the performance of the coating in the coating formulation. Typical octylphenol surfactants like OP-40 also have a higher scrub resistance, which shows its excellent adhesion and water resistance. The important thing is that 30EO products not only have significantly better amide wax melting point results than traditional products, but it also has the best stability among these surfactants.

The residual amount of vinyl acetate/butyl acrylate emulsion is significantly reduced, and the number of scrubbing cycles of coatings is increased, which further shows that in the formulation of industrial production, a new generation of emulsifiers are used to replace alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ethers and synthetic fatty alcohols. Polyoxyethylene ether is feasible.

Styrene/acrylate system
Styrene/acrylate emulsion is a very special emulsion that can be used in various fields, such as standard adhesives for coatings, putty for cement substrates, and modifiers for water glass coatings. The typical minimum film forming temperature is about 20°C.


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