Three Kinds Of Protective Waxes Commonly Used In Rubber Products

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There are three kinds of protective waxes commonly used in rubber products. Rubber protective wax is a special wax specially prepared and processed to protect rubber products from light, oxygen and ozone erosion and aging. Its main protective principle is to add a certain amount of rubber protective wax to make it dissolve in the rubber and reach a certain degree of saturation when the rubber is prepared.

When the rubber product is affected by the external temperature, the rubber protective wax in the rubber product is also affected by the external temperature and migrates to the surface of the rubber product (the migration process is from low temperature to high temperature, from low carbon to high temperature). Carbon), forming a wax film on the surface of rubber products with smooth surface, uniform thickness, good airtightness, compact structure, strong toughness, elasticity and strong adhesion, which is not easy to fall off.

The formation of the wax film on the surface of rubber products can effectively prevent the erosion and aging of the surface of rubber products by light, oxygen and ozone, prevent the surface of rubber products from cracking, and prolong their service life. .
At the same time, it must be pointed out that in order to have this ability, appropriate chemical anti-aging agents should be added to the rubber compound, so as to exert a common effect and make it have a good additive effect, that is, a synergistic effect of the anti-aging system.

What is rubber protective wax? Rubber protective wax is based on the temperature range of rubber products and the ability to restrain the erosion of ozone to determine its internal structure. It measures and screens the internal structures of various petroleum waxes and microcrystalline waxes according to the anti-aging requirements and adaptability of rubber materials, and then processes and combines them into a product composed of different groups, different melting points, and different fractions.

However, it is a special protective wax for rubber with a certain carbon number distribution structure and content. The high melting point paraffin products produced by Tianshi are high-quality raw materials for the rubber protective wax industry.

At present, rubber protective waxes at home and abroad are basically divided into four types, medium-temperature protective waxes, medium-high temperature protective waxes, high-temperature protective waxes and all-weather protective waxes.

Microcrystalline wax is a kind of refined synthetic wax similar to microcrystalline nature. It has the characteristics of good gloss, high melting point and light color. Lowers the melting point of waxes, improving the performance of coarse waxes. Microcrystalline wax itself is as white as a piece of wood, and when rubbed, it will produce light, which has a very beneficial effect on the production of light-colored products.


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