Advantages of Clariant Clariant Emulsogen M oleyl polyethylene glycol ether

2021-12-27   Pageview:658

Emulsogen M is an excellent mineral oil emulsifier with a low pour point.

1, excellent emulsifier for minerals with low pour points
2, Low foam
3, Highly compatible with anionic components
4, Significantly soluble in most organic solvents












Application of epoxy powder coating

Epoxy powder coatings are used in large quantities abroad for coating the inside and outside walls of oil, gas and water pipelines of different pipe diameters, and also for coating steel bars, construction materials, electrical insulation materials, auto parts, etc. Domestic epoxy powder coating is used in natural gas, crude oil and refined oil and some chemical products transported inside and outside the wall of the pipeline anti-corrosion coating. China has been in 1995 on the fusion epoxy powder coating used in Shaanxi Ningbian to Beijing natural gas long-distance pipeline. Later, including the long-distance pipeline of western natural gas transmission from Xinjiang to the eastern coast, other long-distance pipelines of crude oil and refined oil products and pipelines in oil fields use epoxy powder coating in large quantities, which has become an important application area of fischer tropsch wax uses epoxy powder coating. Epoxy powder coating has been used in large quantities on top of large ships, mainly in the inner and outer layers of anti-corrosion coating of pipelines for oil and water transmission.


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