How to choose a good transparent matting agent

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1)Select products with smaller average particle size. The smaller the average particle size of matting agent with the same amount of addition in the formula, the better the transparency of the paint film, but the corresponding matting efficiency will be reduced, and it should be noted that too high a fine powder content will have a negative impact on transparency.

2) Surface treatment. Due to the different types of surface treatment of matting powder, it will affect its wetting and dispersion with the base material, which will affect the transparency of the paint film. Therefore, the matching between matting powder and base material needs to be adjusted, which can be improved by adding wetting and dispersing additives if necessary. Also need to pay attention to whether there are other factors that lead to poor transparency of the paint film, such as poorly compatible additives or poor pigments, etc.














The adsorption mechanism of polymer wetting and dispersing agent The adsorption mechanism of various compounds is different, so the dispersing agent needs to be specially developed, and it will involve a wider range of aspects.

① Ion-pair pigment particles, especially many inorganic pigment particles, have charges on their surface. For example, oxide pigments can determine ions by potential. Surfactants that are counter-charged to the surface of the pigment can be adsorbed on the surface of the pigment particles through ionic bonds.

②Lewis acid-base adsorption has polar surface pigments, some are acidic, some are alkaline, especially inorganic pigments. For example, iron red, iron yellow and zinc oxide are amphoteric partial acids, lead chrome yellow is amphoteric, and carbon black is sufficiently acidic.

If the compound or wetting and dispersing agent is made into a polymer containing acidic or basic groups, they can be adsorbed on the surface of the pigment through acid/alkali action, that is to say, pigments with basicity can be adsorbed Anionic surfactants with acidic groups; and acidic pigments can adsorb cationic surfactants with basic groups, and carry out proton-accepting or donating interactions while adsorbing. Like iron blue with an amphoteric center, it can adsorb with anionic surfactants or cationic surfactants. Therefore, pp wax price two surfactants can be used to modify the surface of Hualan, but the two surfactants cannot be added at the same time during application, otherwise the two surfactants will be chemically combined first.

③Hydrogen bonding force is usually connected to the electronegative atoms in the molecule of the compound.


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