Tentacles of PTFE resin – PTFE micropowder

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The excellent performance of PTFE resin makes its role in the rapid progress of society increasingly irreplaceable.

PTFE resins are classified according to the way they are used. PTFE resins mainly include suspension resins, dispersion resins and PTFE micropowders. Compared with suspension resins with a particle size ranging from 20 to 40μm, micropowders have smaller particle size and higher specific surface area. , the molecular weight is generally tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

In actual industrial production, PTFE micropowders can be prepared by special polymerization methods or exist in the form of by-products obtained from production, such as high-temperature degradation or irradiation, so that high molecular weight PTFE molecular chains are broken, and then through ultra The PTFE micropowder can be obtained by pulverizing by means of pulverization. PTFE micropowder not only maintains the excellent characteristics of PTFE, but also has many unique properties, such as good dispersion and compatibility, lower friction coefficient and so on. These excellent performances make PTFE micropowder widely used in many unique fields, which has an important impact on the expansion and deepening of the application range of PTFE resin.

The unique application value of PTFE micropowder has been further reflected during the epidemic. Due to the strong electronegativity of fluorine atoms, the ability to capture and bind electrons is unique, which makes fluoropolymers have obvious advantages in filtration applications. Medical masks, N95 masks, etc. are the most widely used protective equipment during the epidemic. The core material of meltblown cloth is usually formed of microfibers made of polypropylene and bonded together by random distribution, with high specific surface area, porosity The rate and dielectric properties make its products have excellent filtering effect. However, under different temperature, humidity, storage time and other conditions, the performance of its products has obvious differences, and the stability of the filtration effect is poor.

Studies have shown that when PTFE micropowder is added to other materials as a polar additive, it can effectively enhance the electrostatic adsorption strength of other materials such as polypropylene and prolong the duration of electrostatic loading. The electret masterbatch prepared by adding PTFE micropowder to polypropylene can make the filtration efficiency of the product reach 99%, greatly improve the filtration effect of the product, and can effectively Block droplets, dust, viruses, etc. in the air.

Moreover, compared with other powder materials, the lubricity of PTFE micropowder itself makes it have good compatibility with polypropylene resin, which can easily prepare electret masterbatch and avoid the blockage of spinneret in the melt blowing process. .

Due to the hydrophobicity of PTFE, it also has broad application prospects in the field of superhydrophobicity. The superhydrophobic surface has excellent anti-fog, anti-corrosion, drag reduction, and anti-adhesion properties, which not only affects the daily life of natural organisms, but also plays an important role in industrial and agricultural production, biomedicine and other fields, such as anti-corrosion applications in the shipbuilding industry. Alloy materials, superhydrophobic films with high mechanical strength, etc. The poor hydrophobicity of the special engineering plastic polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) limits the expansion of its application depth. According to the good dispersion of PTFE micropowder, the suspension film-forming transfer method is used to make the PTFE micropowder in the base layer of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). A uniform and dense film is formed on the surface. The low surface energy PTFE material and the rough structure on the surface make the static contact angle of water droplets of the PPS-PTFE composite film reach °, the rolling angle is as low as °, and the water droplets are almost spherical. And it can roll off at a small inclination angle, and the change of the external environment has little effect on the hydrophobicity of the PPS-PTFE composite film, which makes the PPS-PTFE composite film widely used in biology, medicine and other fields, such as “manipulator”. The non-destructive transportation of micro droplets, liquid carrying materials and biological micro solution transfer tubes, etc., and the composite of PPS and PTFE, which are also special engineering plastics, make the application dimension of composite products in the superhydrophobic field continue to deepen.

In addition, with the continuous deepening of research on PTFE micropowder in traditional application fields such as engineering plastic modification, industrial lubrication and flame retardancy, the important use value of PTFE micropowder has gradually become prominent, and the market demand is increasing. It is believed that under the promotion of scientific and technological civilization, PTFE micropowder It is bound to become the tentacle for the continuous deepening of the application of PTFE resin in the high-precision field.


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