Inorganic Thixotropic Thickeners vs Cellulose Thickeners

2021-09-23   Pageview:467

Application in emulsion paints Attagel® inorganic thixotropic thickeners can replace some cellulose thickeners

– When using fiber thickeners, coatings lack good leveling, gloss, control of paint splash, and may suffer from enzymatic degradation of the coating due to bacteria.
– Attagel® thickeners can maintain a stable coating consistency, improve coverage and color strength, improve storage stability and reduce costs.
















In addition to competitive adsorption, the affinity between the resin and the dispersant must also be considered. If the affinity between them is greater than the affinity between the dispersant wax additive asphalt and the pigment, it will also affect the adsorption of the dispersant on the surface of the pigment.

The effect of pigment particle shape and size on polymer adsorption is well known. The atomic force field on the solid surface is not saturated, and there is half of the remaining valence force. In addition, the solid surface is not a truly smooth surface, there are many concave and convex parts, so the saturation of the valence bond of the atoms in different parts of the surface is different. In the edges, corners, edges and uneven parts, the remaining valence is strong, and it has a large adsorption force. There are more high-molecular polymers adsorbed, which constitutes the influence of the shape of the pigment particles on the adsorption of the polymer.

There are many factors that affect pigment adsorption. The above only introduces the influence of the properties of the dispersion composition and the relationship between them on the pigment adsorption. If these factors are regarded as “internal” factors, then there are many “external” factors, such as temperature, order of addition, pH value, etc., which have an impact on the adsorption and storage stability of the pigment.


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