Application Of Polyethylene Wax(PE Wax) Powder In Water-based Coatings

2022-12-06   Pageview:380

The application of polyvinyl wax powder in water-based coatings, the addition of polyvinyl wax emulsion to acrylic resin can improve its hydrophilicity, and play the role of anti-slip, anti-adhesion and anti-fouling. Ethylene wax can produce anti-wear, anti-scratch and other synchronous effects, reduce the friction coefficient of the coating surface, and make the sliding tendency greater than the scratching tendency when the object touches the coating surface.

Adhesion refers to the adhesion and adhesion between the surface of the paint film and foreign substances, the mutual contact between the paint film and adhesion, and the adhesion caused by exposure to dust, contamination and pressure in the atmosphere. In the coating film, the auxiliary agent polyolefin wax is added, and its effect is that it will gradually migrate from the uniformly dispersed state in the film to the surface of the film. Due to this migration, the surface of the membrane can be rendered anti-blocking.

Polyethylene wax also produces synchronous effects such as anti-wear and anti-scratch. It can reduce the friction coefficient of the coated surface, so that when the object touches the coated surface, the sliding tendency is greater than the scratching tendency. The migration of polyvinyl wax powder to the surface of the paint film can greatly reduce the dynamic friction coefficient of the paint film surface.

The addition of micro-powdered polyethylene wax to the coating can greatly reduce the tendency of the coating film to be polished by friction, thereby maintaining the durability of low gloss. Polyethylene wax has obvious matting properties for polyester coatings, and the general addition amount is about 1%. In addition, polyolefin wax has a certain influence on the melt level fluidity of powder coatings, and can be used as an adjuster.

Polyethylene wax emulsion is widely used in food packaging containers, textiles, resin finishing agents, softeners, printing inks, water-based paints, printing pastes, water-based varnishes, etc.


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