The Role Of High-gloss Wax In Water-based Paints

2024-03-14   Pageview:36

The role of high-gloss wax in water-based paints. Water-based paints are painted according to gloss requirements and are divided into high-gloss decoration and matte decoration. Water-based wax emulsion can be added to the production of water-based paints. Its gloss improvement plays an important role.

Matte water-based pottery paint uses different matte water-based pottery paint topcoats to produce matte effect films with different glosses (fully matte, semi-matte). The matte paint film presents a natural low-gloss decoration. Effect.
High (bright) glossy water-based woodware paint is painted with high (bright) glossy water-based woodware paint, generally 90-degree gloss, which can make the paint film thick enough to create a particularly bright “mirror effect” “, the paint film is plump and thick, and the coating film shows high gloss; because matte water-based paint decoration is mostly a thin coating, compared with high (bright) gloss decoration, the painting process can be simplified, saving labor and materials , which can partially cover up some shortcomings of poor base materials and coating techniques.

It is recommended to add an appropriate amount of wax emulsion as an additive. Different types of wax emulsions can meet different gloss requirements. The particle size of the emulsion is relatively small, which can greatly improve the gloss of the product, while also imparting various properties such as slipperiness and scratch resistance.


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