The use of Cognis wetting agent PE-100 in coatings

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Use method
1, The dosage is 0.1%-0.2% according to the amount of finished paint
2, The actual amount should be determined by experiment
3, It is recommended to add before grinding and dispersion














Using zirconium drier instead of lead drier in medium oil soy oil alkyd resin, its dry-touch time is shortened from 7h to 5h, and the complete hard-drying time is shortened from 20h to 13h. Zirconium drier is used in the white alkyd enamel, the whiteness of the coating film is good, and the hardness and water resistance are also improved.
Zirconium drier is used in white amino baking paint, which can improve the hardness and has non-yellowing property. Used in aluminum powder paint, it will not reduce the floatability of the aluminum powder paint, so that the aluminum powder paint has good floating stability and brightness. It is not easy to lose dryness when used in black paint.
The use concentration of zirconium drier is 24%, 18%, 12%, 6%, and the dosage is 0.03%~0.2%.

Aluminum drier
Aluminum drier is an auxiliary drier, used in conjunction with cobalt, manganese, etc., is an montan wax uses effective dry drier. As a cross-linking agent and become a component of the coating film, it can improve the properties of the coating film, such as hardness, water resistance, gloss retention, and also has pigment wetting and dispersing effects.

Barium drier
Barium drier is used as a lead-replacement drier in lead-free paint. It can improve solid drying and has good pigment wettability. Although barium does not have the enriched toxicity like lead, it can cause acute poisoning. In addition, barium is a heavy metal, which limits its use in paints for toys and writing instruments.

Bismuth drier
Bismuth drier is a new type of lead-replacement drier. It can strongly promote drying and improve hard drying when used with cobalt, and can promote drying under unfavorable drying conditions. Bismuth drier used in baking paint can increase its hardness.
Strontium drier
Sr Poor stain resistance and other issues.


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