How are wax emulsions used in paper making?

2021-06-11   Pageview:857

Wax emulsions play an important role in papermaking and can enhance the quality of paper products. The majority of paper in the papermaking process has internal gum added to it, and wax emulsions can make the absorbent web film inherent in paper fibers have the desired water resistance.

Water-based wax emulsion coating role: adding wax emulsion can reduce the paper’s hygroscopicity, promote the uniform distribution of gum in the paper fiber structure. At the same time, it can offset the impact of resin binders mixed with various pigments, so the printability can be improved, so that printing efficiency can be improved.

Sizing paper in the pulper, usually through its surface adhesive or coating to achieve further processing refinement, in the drying process of the coating film can migrate to the surface of the coating to form a protective film, resulting in a good splash effect.

How are wax emulsions used in paper making? It can be added directly to the pulp or coated on the surface of the finished paper and then dried.

Wax emulsion also plays a great role in other fields. Wax emulsion is an ideal surface water repellent for water-based varnish and water-based ink, which can make the surface of the coating film have a lotus leaf-like water repellent effect. It is used in exterior paint emulsions to improve the water repellency and stain resistance of exterior walls. When added to leather finishing agent, it can increase the wax feeling, brightness and water repellency of leather.


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