What is paint wetting agent?

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A wetting agent is a surfactant that makes solid materials more easily wetted by water. By reducing its surface tension or interfacial tension, it enables water to spread on the surface of solid material or penetrate into its surface, and wets the solid material.

It has good water solubility, good fluidity at low temperature, can effectively improve the dispersion of pigments, improve the color spreading performance of water-based coatings, and can help improve the gloss of the coating film.















Lithium drier
Lithium drier combined with cobalt has a good drying effect. It is mainly used to replace lead and used in low molecular weight resin in high solids coatings. Lithium driers can promote hard drying and increase hardness, and can reduce the wrinkle sensitivity in high solids coatings.

Other applications of metal soap
The driers are all kinds of metal soaps. Regardless of their drier performance, they have a certain degree of wettability, which can improve the dispersibility of the pigment in the binder and accelerate montan wax structure the grinding speed. For example, zinc and calcium driers can be added in the grinding stage of the paint production process to be used as a dispersant, and cooperate with the main drier to play the role of drying when the paint is mixed.

Copper, mercury, zinc metal soaps have anti-mildew and anti-corrosion properties. They are used as antifouling agents in ship primers, and as anti-fouling agents in coatings for fiber products such as wood, ropes, paper, and nets.
Zinc, aluminum stearic acid soap and caprylic acid soap are used in high-pigment coatings to thicken and prevent the precipitation and agglomeration of pigments, also known as suspending agents. Zinc stearate can also improve the sandability, can be used as a flattening agent in flat paint, and can be used as a gelling agent in ink to increase consistency. Zinc and calcium rosinate can be used as hard resin in varnish to improve gloss and improve the storage stability of alkyd resin.

Cobalt soap is used as crosslinking catalyst in unsaturated polyester resin system, as catalyst in two-component polyurethane coating system, as adhesion promoter in the rubber of galvanized and copper steel wire, and as reaction catalyst in the oxidation of toluene to benzoic acid .

Copper soap can also be used as an inhibitor of unsaturated polyester resin to extend its filling time. Lithium soap can also be used as an alcoholysis drier. Metal elements used in metal soaps.


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