Fruits coated with special wax, do you dare to eat them?

2021-05-09   Pageview:968

Many consumers do not understand why apples need special wax? What kind of fruits are waxed? Is it harmful to the body after waxing?

Experts say that waxing is actually mainly for freshness. Wax forms a protective film on the surface of the fruit, which can protects the the fruits/vegetables and improves the gloss, but also prevents water evaporation and retains the fresh fragrance of the fruits. In addition, after waxing, germs are not easy to invade and can prevent corrosion and insects.

Using wax emulsion for fruits and vegetables is an internationally allowed method for preserving freshness. Besides apples, citrus, balsam pears, etc. may also be waxed. In fact, it is not difficult to distinguish waxed fruit. Take two apples to compare will find, the outer skin is extra smooth, the color is particularly bright, is waxed; and touch the rough skin, is not waxed.

There are mainly three kinds of wax on the peel: the first is the fruit wax on the surface of the fruit; the second is some high-grade fruit artificially added to the edible wax. This “artificial wax” is mostly extracted from crabs, shells and other crustaceans, which is not harmful to the body; the third is the use of industrial wax by unscrupulous vendors to wax the fruit, which contains mercury and lead that may penetrate into the fruit flesh through the peel. This kind of fruit waxed with poor quality industrial wax can be harmful to health.

Remove the wax on the peel does not have to be peeled, there are other good ways to preserve the nutrition, but also simple and easy to do. The first is to use hot water to scald. The wax melts when it encounters heat, and a wax film floats on the surface of the water. As long as the hot water is poured off in time, so that the wax is not re-paste in the peel on the line. Next is to use salt or loofah scrubbing.


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