Advantages of Cognis wetting agent PE-100 in coatings

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Cognis wetting agent PE-100 has a very strong wetting effect on various color fillers in aqueous systems. It can reduce the surface tension, make the solid surface easy to wet, shorten the grinding and dispersion time. PE-100 can also avoid the coagulation of color fillers and enhance stability. In addition, it can also be used as color enhancer of latex knee and color adhesion agent of color coating, which helps to overcome the disadvantages of floating color and blooming. It effectively eliminates a variety of coating defects into which defoamer is used.

Wetting agent PE-100 is a non-ionic surfactant with good wettability for various pigment fillers. It is also a 95% active ingredient nonionic surfactant with good wetting agent for various color fillers in water-based coating system.














The use concentration of rare earth and cerium drier is 6%, 8%, 12%, and the dosage is 0.2%~0.5%.
The relative molecular mass of lead is 207.21, and the relative molecular mass of the shop is 140.12, so 0.5% lead soap is equivalent to 0.33% cerium soap. Use different alkyd resins with varnish or color paint, and use 0.33%, 0.17%, 0.11% bell metal soap instead of 0.5% lead soap, which can improve the bottom drying and storage stability (see Table 6-3). Alkyd resin has a greater impact, but the effect on dehydrated castor oil alkyd resin is not obvious. Generally used in conjunction with cobalt soap, the dosage is 6-10 times that of cobalt.

Zirconium drier
Zirconium drier is actually a coordination compound of polymerized zirconium oxy group and synthetic organic acid. It is a coordination type polymerization drier, which can complex with the hydroxyl group or other polar groups in the binder to generate larger molecular weight Coordination compound, zirconium drier itself becomes the composition of the coating film, so it has a unique drier property.

Note: The original viscosity is all 150s (measured with Tu-4 cup at 20℃
Zirconium drier has a strong drier-promoting effect on other driers. It can effectively improve the drier properties of cobalt and manganese soaps, and it also has an auxiliary effect on lead and calcium soaps. It also has a similar effect on lead soap. Dry. Due to the versatility of zirconium driers, the use of zirconium driers in air-drying coatings and drying coatings can improve the overall performance of the coating film, such as hardness and gloss. Zirconium drier replaces lead drier in air-drying alkyd enamel. When used in combination with cobalt and calcium driers, it has the following advantages: ①Improved gloss and gloss retention; ②Good whiteness and color retention :③The paint film has good flexibility and can improve its hardness; ④No discoloration due to the effect of sulfide; ⑤Low toxicity, LD50 is 7~10g/kg; ⑥Used in carbon black, iron red and other driers due to adsorption In the loss-of-dry pigment system, the loss-of-dry phenomenon can be improved.


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