Uses of Stannous Octanoate

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Used in organic synthesis.

Stannous isooctanoate is a white or yellowish brown paste, sometimes called stannous octanoate. It is soluble in petroleum ether and insoluble in water. It is a basic catalyst for the production of polyurethane foam, mainly used for the gelation reaction in polyether-polyurethane foaming, and also as an antioxidant for polyurethane foam. Used as a catalyst for polyurethane synthesis and room temperature vulcanization of silicone rubber. It is also used as a catalyst type curing agent for epoxy resins. Stannous octanoate is more catalytically active than dibutyltin laurate in curing, and if the two are used in combination, the effect is better than using them alone, and the reaction speed and curing speed can be taken into account. Because the dibutyltin compound is easily oxidized and decomposed by oxygen and water vapor in the air, so it should be used for nitrogen protection when stored and must be sealed to avoid high temperature and excessive humidity to prevent activity decline or failure.















In addition to the ability to form hydrogen bonds or covalent bonds with metals and inorganic surfaces to promote adhesion, the metal reaction promoting properties of titanium and zirconium can also be used as catalysts for esterification, exchange esterification, polymerization and addition reactions. In addition, titanate and zirconate have high reactivity and can form stable bonds with hydrocarbon groups and carboxyl groups. Therefore, they can also be used as crosslinking agents for industrial coatings, wire enamels, printing inks and latex paints.

Titanate can form organometallic chemical bridges between two different phases, such as inorganic pigments and polymers, or act as adhesion promoters for metal substrate coatings. Although titanate/zirconate has these advantages, but because of their existence It is sensitive to moisture, water, etc., so it is generally only recommended for non-polar solvent-based systems. This must be paid attention to when applied to water-based systems. At the same time, titanate is irritating to the skin, so protection must be done during operation.

Zircaluminate and metal organic compound adhesion promoters are relatively stable in water-based coating systems.
Supply and sales manufacturers: TY Z OR titanate and zirconate (DuPont wax), KenReact titanate and zirconate (Ken rich Petrochemicals In e.), Til com titanate (Tioxide Chemicals).

The structure of the phosphate compound contains various organic substituent groups and phosphate groups that can react with metal inorganic substrates to produce acid-base reactions. The organic groups can be alkyl groups, aliphatic groups, and aromatic hydrocarbons, as well as hydrocarbon groups and phosphate groups. Organic segment of carboxylic acid group. Different organic groups are suitable for different solvent-based or water-based systems. This type of adhesion promoter is mainly used to promote adhesion to metal substrates and interlayer adhesion to coating films. In addition, some special phosphate esters can also improve corrosion resistance.
The general chemical structure of phosphate ester adhesion promoter is as follows:

The organic substitution part has different characteristics with the different surfaces of R→RO-P-0 through acid-base reaction and the metal OH-substrate to form a chemical bond. Due to the high activity of phosphate, it will slightly rust the surface of the metal substrate. Defects such as peeling and blistering can form a barrier through the chemical reaction between phosphate and the metal surface, and at the same time achieve the purpose of enhancing adhesion. But also because of its high activity, it has a greater impact on coating packaging containers and other ingredients in coating formulations. For example, alkaline pigments and general aluminum powder may cause side effects such as coalescence. In addition, for reactive phosphoric acid that can cause reaction promotion, such as amino baking paint, and coating systems that participate in the reaction, such as amino baking paint and two-component polyurethane, the possible side effects must also be considered and adjusted accordingly.


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