Lubricants commonly used in injection molding of modified plastics

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The five selection principles of lubricants used in modified plastics and the introduction of the selection principles of lubricants:

1. Five principles for the selection of lubricants for modified plastics. When selecting lubricants, generally pay attention to the following five points:

1. Good compatibility with resin and moderate, balanced internal and external lubrication, no frosting, not easy to scale;

2. The viscosity is small, and it is easy to diffuse at the interface to form an interface layer;

3. Does not reduce the original excellent performance of plastic;

4. Stable performance, lasting performance, no decomposition and no volatilization during processing;

5. It does not corrode equipment, does not pollute products, and has no toxicity.

2. Introduction of lubricants commonly used in injection molding of modified plastics:

Lubricants can reduce the internal and external friction of the melt, so there are internal and external lubricants. Most lubricants have the dual functions of internal and external lubricants.

The commonly used lubricants in modified plastic molding are as follows Five categories:

1. Fatty amide lubricants: stearic acid amide, oleic acid amide, caproamide, caprylic acid amide, palmitic acid amide.

2. Metal soap lubricants: stearates of calcium, magnesium, barium, lithium, zinc, lead and other metals, as well as lead n-octoate, lead laurate, lead myristate, etc.

3. Fatty acid and ester lubricants: mainly stearic acid, methyl stearate, butyl stearate, etc.

4. Hydrocarbon lubricants: natural paraffin, liquid paraffin, microcrystalline paraffin, china polyethylene wax manufacturer, polypropylene wax.

5. Organosilicon compound lubricant; methyl silicone oil, ethyl silicone oil.


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