Main types of wetting agents and key properties

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Organic modified silicone products are a widely used class of polymers. Depending on the degree of modification and the overall silicone content, they are usually used as wetting agents, leveling agents, and/or slip enhancers, respectively. In general, silicone additives can substantially reduce surface tension. Silicone surfactants do not have surface slip enhancing properties in most coating systems due to their short chain length.













The intensity of gloss can directly reflect the quality of pigment dispersion. The pigments are well dispersed, and the gloss can be similar to that of varnish. The gloss should be above 90% when tested with a 20° angle gloss meter. If the dispersion is not good, the pigment will flocculate, the thixotropy of the coating will increase, and the gloss will decrease significantly. Most of the changes in gloss can be directly observed ptfe modified polyethylene wax with the naked eye, and there will be haze.

According to different requirements, different angle gloss meters can be used for testing. The thixotropic value can be calculated by measuring the viscosity at different shear rates with a viscometer. The Huck viscometer is the most ideal.

Color intensity, the color intensity of the coating film is a parameter indicating the dispersion effect and stability of the pigment. Stable dispersion can provide better tinting power than unstable. The method of flow coating of polyester film can be used for observation, and the L value can also be measured with a color difference meter.
Storage stability test, this method is very important, it is the final test to determine the choice of the whole formula. The generally adopted method is to store for 30 days at a temperature of 50°C ± 2°C, and then conduct the test of the above methods, and compare with the data before storage to find out the changes. Of course, the smaller the change, the better the stability .


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