Why do I need smoothing agent for sizing yarns?

2022-01-20   Pageview:182

During weaving, the friction between yarn and shuttle, reed and heald can cause sizing yarn hairiness and produce falling cotton and sizing, which can cause problems for weaving.

In order to reduce the friction factor of the sizing yarn and to ensure smooth weaving, the most effective current method is to apply a smoothing oil on the surface of the sizing yarn, which is called post-sizing wax.

The biggest advantage of this method is that a small amount of oil is used to obtain the smoothness of the sizing yarn without weakening the bonding force of the sizing. Another method is to add wax flakes to the sizing solution, which, due to their poor hydrophilicity, automatically migrate from the inside of the sizing yarn to the surface during the drying process. When the smoothing agent molecules are oriented and arranged perpendicular to the surface of the sizing yarn to form a stable oil film, it can play the function of reducing the friction factor and increasing the abrasion resistance of the sizing yarn to ensure smooth weaving.

Smoothing oil agent is generally a surfactant composed of long-chain organic molecules. For example, the main component of post wax is paraffin wax + non-ionic surfactant or silicon + mineral oil + non-ionic surfactant (dissolved at room temperature) with the dissolution temperature of 70~80℃.

Tianswax wax emulsion Twax-1703 is an excellent smoothing agent for warp sizing after sizing, which can reduce the rate of head breakage and improve the efficiency of cloth machine. It has good water solubility and no wax filament storage, which can improve the quality of dyeing and finishing. Its process is simple and mature, in addition to good lubricating property, it has good covering property and basically will not reduce the yarn strength, with even waxing and tougher wax film, which can be easily removed in the later process.


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