Performance of water-based system wetting agent dh-405

2021-09-29   Pageview:334

1, Significantly reduce the viscosity of dispersion slurry of color filler.
2, It is a very good color spreading agent for latex coatings.
3, High hlb value, often used as a post-addition stabilizer in the polymerization reaction.
4, Eliminate “fish eye” and other defects caused by excessive defoaming of the paint film.
5, As a stabilizer for pigment dispersions in formulations containing active pigments.












Whether it is emulsions, latex paints, water-based paints, or solvent-based varnishes and colored paints, defoaming properties are required to have good durability, so foam inhibitors must be used.

Even if the foam breaker is used in rare cases, it cannot be said that the foam breaker used has no foam suppressing property at all, and no durability at all. Regarding the designation of defoaming agent and defoaming (air release agent), some foreign companies believe that although the use of defoaming agent (air release agent) may be more appropriate in some cases, defoaming agents are generally used this phrase. According to this statement, now we can collectively refer to defoamers, defoamers, and defoamers (air release agents) as defoamers, oxidized polyethylene wax clariant because their purpose is to eliminate foam [3.20.22]

Fourth, the defoaming effect of hydrophobic particles

It has been found in the past that solid particles with poor wettability have an adverse effect on the foam stability of the aqueous solution. Hydrophobic particles can reduce the thickness of the bubble film and make the bubbles easy to burst, while hydrophilic particles have no such effect. Very finely dispersed (about 5pm) polytetrafluoroethylene powder can destroy the foam of the aqueous solution. In current coatings, especially the hydrophobic fine powder particles used in large quantities in water-emulsified coatings, such as hydrophobic silica, amide and metal soap And so on, it is the use of this principle to play a defoaming effect.


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