Selection Of Dispersant In Masterbatch

2022-09-20   Pageview:389

Making masterbatches is inseparable from dispersants. Dispersants are very important for masterbatches. The properties of various dispersants vary widely. Generally speaking, according to the different requirements of the product, selecting the appropriate dispersant will achieve an ideal effect. .

There are many kinds of dispersants, among which polyethylene wax is conventional, because it has good compatibility with polyolefin, and takes into account the function of internal and external lubrication, and there are few precipitates. It is easy to wet and coat the pigment, so the selection requirements of polyethylene wax must also be strictly controlled.

The molecular weight of polyethylene wax is generally controlled between 2000-3000, and the melting point is generally controlled between 0.91-0.95. Polyethylene wax should be environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, free of heavy metals, impurities, etc., and the color should be white or slightly yellow. After melting Translucent.

Secondly, some metal salt products such as EBS, oleic acid amide, erucic acid amide, stearic acid and zinc stearate also have their own merits. They can be selected according to their main functions, but they cannot be added in large quantities, because these additives should pay special attention to most of them. It belongs to the category of external lubricants and must be used with caution for some products, especially for products with high surface tension requirements.

Nanjing Tianshi focuses on the research and development, production and application of additives such as polyethylene wax, and provides you with anti-precipitation, high lubrication, and ultra-dispersed product systems. The company has a mature technical research and development team and a complete laboratory open to the outside world, providing technical support such as formula optimization, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement for customers in need. Auxiliary dust-free service.


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