What is the price of polyethylene wax emulsion?

2022-01-24   Pageview:432

The use of polyethylene wax emulsion is very wide, its in many industries can be used, about the price of polyethylene wax emulsion, each offer is different, Tianshi wax powder as China’s industry leader, the following will give you the use of polyethylene wax and its price.

Polyethylene wax emulsion has good performance, it can be used in ink, coating, powder, leather and cosmetics, and has good performance. How about the polyethylene wax emulsion’s performance and price?

1, Paper industry. It can improve the gloss, permanence, hardness and abrasion resistance of paper, it can grow water resistance and chemical resistance, etc., and increase the beauty of paper.

2, PVC pipe / profile, PVC resin of polyethylene, polypropylene, etc., compound stabilizer special polyethylene wax good solubility characteristics, adding a small amount of polyethylene wax can help improve the conversion efficiency, increase the smoothness and brightness of the product, enhance the appearance of the product aesthetics.

3, Polyethylene wax emulsion is used in light industry and rubber industry. In light industry and rubber industry, wax emulsion can be used as polish, coating and auxiliary agent. For example, in the process of making latex gloves, a small amount of wax emulsion can be added to improve the anti-adhesive properties of the mold, making it easier to release the mold. .

4, Wood furniture. In the field of wood furniture, PE wax emulsion can naturally penetrate into the interior of wood because of its good chemical properties and its very fine particle size, and applying PE wax emulsion on the surface of wood can play a waterproof effect.

In addition to the above applications, polyethylene wax plays a great role in other industries, helping companies to reduce costs while improving the performance of their products.


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