Definition of Leveling Agent

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Leveling agent is used to reduce the surface tension of the material to play the role of wetting and leveling, while the high boiling point solvent in the leveling agent can extend the open time of the coating surface, giving the coating a longer time to level. At the same time, most leveling agents on the market today also have additional properties such as slippery, anti-scratch.















Permeation coefficient and dispersion coefficient of 4 kinds of organic compounds/(mN/m)
N-octane n-hexadecane

Infiltration, slow diffusion infiltration, rapid diffusion infiltration, almost no diffusion infiltration, wax dispersion analysis non-diffusion The above four organic compounds E and S values ​​indicate that only n-octanol infiltration
The action process of foam breaker
(a) The foam breaking agent adheres to the surface of the bubble film;
(b) The foam breaking agent spreads on the surface of the bubble film;
(c) The bubble breaker replaces the membrane layer of the bubble film;
(d) The membrane layer of the bubble breaker becomes thinner;
(e) The surrounding traction force causes the bubble to burst

2. Foam inhibitor
The additives contained in the final product. After the paint is produced, after storage, it still has satisfactory foam control ability during paint coating, so it requires good defoaming ability and durability. This kind of defoamer is generally used in paint, and some scholars call it product add i-tives. The foam suppressor and the foaming substance in the liquid are simultaneously adsorbed on the bubble film wall. The low surface tension of the bubble film adsorbing the anti-foaming agent makes the bubble film thinner and the surface energy of the foam is not balanced. Therefore, the foam becomes unstable and will be destroyed during the process of floating on the liquid surface.


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