How to use acrylic polymer dispersing agent?

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In order to obtain good performance, it should be added before dispersion. The amount used depends to a large extent on the specific surface area of the pigment, and it is recommended that the user determine the appropriate amount by experimentation before use.

















Initiator and polymerization inhibitor, the initiator is the auxiliary agent that initiates the monomer polymerization reaction, and the polymerization inhibitor is the auxiliary agent that prevents the monomer polymerization reaction. Although the effects of the two are opposite, they are essentially the active center of the polymerization reaction.
The polymerization active centers of unsaturated monomers include free radical, cationic, anionic and coordination compounds. At present, the free radical type is the most widely used in the coating industry. Therefore, oxidized wax definition this chapter mainly introduces initiators and inhibitors of free radical polymerization.

Free radicals are fragments with unpaired electrons generated by the cleavage of their valence bonds. It is very lively, easy to continue chemical reactions, and generally has a very short life span. There are many ways to generate free radicals. The most common one is the decomposition of initiators to generate free radicals. Other unsaturated monomers generate free radicals under heating, ultraviolet light, high-energy radiation, and electrolysis.

Free radical initiators are compounds that are prone to covalent bond cleavage under the action of heat or light to generate two free radicals. The most commonly used initiators are peroxides and azo compounds.


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