Application of coating anti-mildew agent YH601

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Scope of application: all kinds of emulsion paints, water-based coatings, polymer emulsions, pigment pastes, printing inks, etc.












The pigments and fillers treated with 1% KR-138s are used to make water-emulsion baking acrylic coil coatings, which are painted on the coil thin steel plates without primer. After the film is formed, the 200h salt spray test shows that there is no rust, Corrosion phenomena such as blisters and flaking.

The silica is treated with KR-138s to make a water-based drying alkyd paint. Compared with the salt spray test of the traditional water-based alkyd paint made of chromate, the former is resistant to 372h, while the latter is only damaged in 62h. It shows that the effect of KR-138s treatment of silica anti-rust paint is far more than that of chromate anti-rust paint.

In room temperature curing polyamide epoxy coatings (used as unprimed steel hull marine coatings), add KR-440 with 1% (mass fraction) of amine curing agent and 1% (mass fraction) of silica filler KR-138s and KR-55 with 0.5% of the total amount of pigments and fillers are mixed coupling agents for corrosion resistance comparison with room temperature curing polyamide epoxy coatings containing chromate. After the immersion test in the Gulf of Mexico, the former has much better anti-rust performance than the latter, and reduces costs and toxicity. Therefore, the pyrophosphate-type titanium coupling agent treated with silica is an ideal anti-rust additive.

Chelated 200 type
Take ET DOP-212 (KR-212) produced by Ken rich as an example, its structure is:
Ti–OP(OCa H):
C Hz-O
This type of coupling agent has good water resistance. It can be dissolved in hd poxy montan wax organic solvents to coat pigments and fillers or directly used in solvent-based coatings, or it can be dissolved in quaternary ammonium salt with alkanolamine or amine reagents. Coating pigments and fillers in water, or directly use in water-based coatings.
According to literature [3, 9], both KR-212 and KR-12 are effective for the dispersion of titanium dioxide, and the application performance can be summarized as follows.
Improve the dispersibility of titanium dioxide in dioctyl phthalate and titanium dioxide in the water phase. Titanium dioxide treated with KR-212 in the polyvinyl acetate copolymer emulsion paint can not only improve the dispersibility, but also increase the filling amount and abrasion resistance.


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