Applications of dispersing agents for two-component solvent-borne coatings

2021-09-29   Pageview:765

Applications and properties.
1, dh-6854 is suitable for medium polarity systems and has good compatibility with commonly used coating resins and has versatility.
2, dh-6854 can improve the wetting and dispersing ability of the base material to the color filler, reduce the viscosity of the system, improve the fluidity, shorten the grinding and dispersing time, and the effect of using with pigment derivatives as viscosity reducing agents.
3, dh-6854 is a high molecular type hyperdispersant, which has the ability to prevent recoarse, and can prolong the storage stability of grinding slurry compared with small molecular type wetting and dispersing agents.















Rom latex systems to water-based systems, the foaming tendency is very different, even between the same type of paint. The formula of latex paint ranges from matte to semi-gloss, and can be used both internally and externally, and there are cheap and high-priced ones. These differences will lead to changes in foamability, and affect the type and amount of defoamer used. The high pH value of latex paint is not good for controlling foam. If the emulsion particles of acrylic gloss emulsion paint are very fine, it is difficult to defoam.

There are considerable differences between the varieties of water-based coatings. Variable factors such as gloss, co-solvents, resin types, construction methods and curing conditions will have a certain impact on the selection of defoamers. Comparing water-soluble alkyd with water-soluble polyester, wax pe dispersion water-soluble alkyd resin has better miscibility with the defoaming agent used, which may be because the alkyd resin contains vegetable oil.


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