Application of dispersing agents for solvent-borne coatings

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Suitable for two-component polyurethane, alkyd, polyester, an-based baking paint and other solvent-based coatings solvent-based inks.















Introduction to the varieties of defoamers
Since the reform and opening up, the coating additives industry has developed rapidly. Not only are foreign companies gathered, but there are also many types of defoamers produced by domestic technology. Compared with the first edition of the book 20 years ago, users now have a lot of choices. In terms of performance and price ratio, you can choose the most satisfactory product. Moreover, it is more convenient to obtain, all kinds of advertisements are overwhelming, and the competition is fierce. Therefore, there is no need to spend a lot of pen and ink here. Only a few companies’ products are selected for symbolic introduction. Introduce the varieties of defoamers from 7 foreign companies including Corning, BY K, Degussa and Efka in the Netherlands; domestic Deqian (Shanghai) Chemicals, Huaxia Additives, and Shanghai Tongli.

Defoamer of German Corning Company
is polyethylene wax safe
Foa master 306Foa master 3063Foa master VLNopco8034LNope oN DW
Silicone-free, suitable for high-gloss latex paints and adhesives. Silicone-free, suitable for polyurethane emulsions and alkyd emulsions. Easy to disperse in water, very effective for monomer extraction. General-purpose defoamer

Factors affecting paint foam
The types of polymers in the coating formulations, the types of pigments and fillers, the types and amounts of solvents and various additives; the selection of various high-shear machinery when making paint; various physical parameters of the coating products, such as pH and surface Tension, surface viscosity and overall viscosity; construction method and curing conditions, etc. They all have a non-negligible impact on the generation, stabilization and elimination of bubbles, and must be carefully observed and analyzed.


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