Phenyl propylene emulsions have outstanding advantages

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Phenyl propylene emulsion is one of the emulsions with outstanding performance among non-cross-linked emulsions because of its excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, oxidative degradation, water resistance, scrub resistance, color filler carrying capacity and organic pigment wetting compatibility.













Evaluation method of defoamer
Comprehensively related literature, when choosing defoamer, the usual test items and test methods are described as follows: 13.11,187.

Test items
①Defoaming performance test: measuring cylinder method, high-speed stirring method, bubbling method, vibration method and circulation method.
② Coating test-brush coating, roller coating, knife coating, curtain coating, and should also include the inspection of the full performance of the coating film.
③Storage stability test-observe changes in defoaming performance and paint film appearance after natural storage and high temperature storage.

2. Test method
(1) Defoaming performance test The purpose of this test is to trap air into the paint, causing foam to be generated, and to test the foam control ability of the defoamer sample.
①The measuring cylinder method is suitable for preliminary testing of low-viscosity coatings and emulsions. In a 50ml graduated cylinder with a ground stopper, add 20~30ml of the sample, then add a certain amount of defoamer, tighten the ground stopper with your fingers, shake it vigorously back and forth 20-25 times, and record the measured liquid immediately after stopping. For the overall height, record the height again after a certain period of time, repeat this operation again, and compare the test data of each defoamer. This method is simple and convenient, but the result is very rough, which is only suitable for preliminary screening of defoaming performance.
② High-speed mixing method This method has a wide range of applications, oxidized polyethylene wax msds relatively simple and convenient, and the results are more accurate. It has foam level measurement method, namely dynamic test, suitable for low-viscosity paint and emulsion; specific gravity cup method, namely static test, suitable for high-viscosity paint and emulsion.


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