Application of wax emulsions in flooring coatings

2021-06-10   Pageview:510

Wax emulsion can effectively improve the abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and slippery performance of water-based floor coatings.

In the coating formulation, polyethylene wax emulsion can effectively improve the wear resistance of the paint , which is very smooth and effectively reduces the coefficient of friction of the coating, which plays a non-adhesive role and improves the product life.

Wax emulsions are used in different areas of the coating for different products. For example, wax emulsions improve the sag resistance of architectural coatings. Polyethylene wax emulsions, which have good stability, are used in many solvent-based resin systems due to the coating systems used to manufacture anti-settling agents.

High density oxide polyethylene wax emulsions used to increase the scratch and abrasion resistance of paint and ink films are mainly added to the product formulations by stirring before thickening the toned paint/ink. The polyethylene oxide wax particles need to be continuously film-forming on the surface of the coating and can produce good synergy and compatibility with film-forming substances in order to achieve improved smoothness, anti-adhesion, scratch resistance and matting of the paint film. The effect is to improve the smoothness, anti-adhesion, scratch resistance and matting of the paint film. Different coating/ink formulations have different ways of curing, and the effect of wax particles is different.


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