Advantages of Stone Paint Emulsion

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It has excellent resistance to water whitening, excellent stability of mixing with bone material, good resistance to water whitening, excellent resistance to UV yellowing and heat yellowing.


















Foam control agents used in the water-based coatings industry can be divided into three major categories; organics, silicon dioxide and organic silicon. Each category can be further subdivided into emulsifiable type oxidized wax and non-emulsifiable type. Emulsifiable defoamers can be emulsified and dispersed in water, and non-emulsifiable defoamers can not be emulsified in water, but can be dispersed in aqueous systems containing surfactants. Briefly outline their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages and disadvantages of defoamer emulsification can be emulsified, non-emulsifiable, easy to disperse, less shrinkage tendency, good durability, good storage stability, poor storage stability, color absorption problem, emulsification performance of defoamer is generally not used as a product Technical indicators are listed publicly, but technical information in this area can be obtained by consulting relevant materials. This is helpful for the selection of defoamers.

In a certain water-based paint, if defoamer A is a non-emulsifiable defoamer, although it can control foam, but there will be shrinkage or uneven surface of the paint film, then the application of emulsifiable defoamer A may be Solve your problem. On the contrary, if the defoamer B is an emulsifiable defoamer, it seems to control the foam at first, but the storage stability is not good. If you want the system to have initial foam control performance and good storage stability, you can use non-emulsifiable defoamer B.

Water dispersion of defoamers by foreign manufacturers
Water dispersible
Water is not dispersible
Water dispersible
Water is not dispersible
SN Defoamer 5013No pco 8034
SN Defoamer 154SN-Defoamer 309
Nopco8034LNo pc oN XZ
Foam as terRNo pcoND W


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