Properties of acrylic polymer coating dispersant

2021-10-06   Pageview:377

Dispersant S-100 is a polymeric dispersant mainly for solvent-based inks and coatings.

Technical index

Composition: Polyether

Boiling point: 200oC (381oF)

Appearance: Light yellow liquid

Active ingredient: 100%















After testing the defoaming performance of the coating test coating, it needs to be subjected to performance tests such as shrinkage, miscibility, gloss, and color development. Use a film applicator to apply the paint on the glass plate to a thickness of 75um, and observe the shrinkage of the coating film. Use a wool roller to apply the paint to the cement board. The cement board used usually seals half of its surface first.

The bubble bursting speed and the amount of residual bubbles in the dry film can hs code polyethylene wax be used to determine the defoaming ability, and the shrinkage can also be observed. hole. Color paint also needs to observe the color development of the paint film, because some defoamers have color absorption problems. Glossy paint should also use a 60° angle to measure the gloss. If necessary, conduct a weather resistance test to investigate whether the yellowing of the paint film is related to the defoamer.

In the storage stability test, the coating sample with defoamer added is placed in a constant temperature box at 40~45℃ for 4~6 weeks, and the performance is compared with the sample whose defoaming ability is initially measured. This condition is generally equivalent to storage stability at room temperature for 6 months.


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