5 Mechanisms of wax emulsions in waterborne wood coatings

2021-07-05   Pageview:907

Followings are 5 mechanisms of wax emulsions in waterborne wood coatings:

1, Anti-back sticky

The wax emulsion is more helpful to the anti-stickiness of the paint. It is generally believed that the increase of wax particle size is helpful to the anti-stick effect, and the effect of paraffin wax products is better than polyethylene wax products.

2, Anti-scratch

High-density polyethylene wax products are preferred because of their high hardness, low coefficient of friction and toughness, which provide excellent protection for the coating. The increase of wax particle size is helpful to the scratch resistance and wear resistance of the water-based wax emulsion coating.

3, Water repellency

Paraffin wax emulsion provides excellent water repellency, and the formula is optimized to achieve the “lotus leaf effect”.

4, Influence on glossiness

4.1 High gloss system

Oxidized high density polyethylene wax emulsion is called “the best covering protection material for high gloss system”, which provides anti-adhesion, anti-scratch and anti-abrasion and also helps to gloss.

Paraffin wax emulsions also have little effect on gloss and clarity of the coating.

Pursues a balanced gloss and surface protection effect and is widely used in the market.

Small and large particle size compounding can also achieve the desired effect.

4.2 Matting effect

Used alone can make the system achieve semi-matte effect, and can be used with silica matting powder to achieve full matte. Reduce the amount of matting powder, thus reducing the settling and improving the storage stability of the system. It can promote the smooth feel, coating scratch resistance, improve the matte coating anti-polishing bright effect, these properties are unmatched by the use of silica matting powder alone.

4.3 Polishing effect

Polyethylene wax, polypropylene wax and other high melting point synthetic wax is not easy to be polished, often used in high gloss system to prevent the loss of light phenomenon, while Fischer-Tropsch wax, carnauba wax and other low melting point hard wax is often used in the polishing agent system that requires polishing.

5, Anti-slip

PP wax has high hardness, high melting point and high temperature resistance, and also has a large coefficient of friction, so it plays the role of anti-adhesion and anti-scratch in floor paint and other systems that require anti-slip.


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