What is perfluorinated polymerization leveling agent?

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Sun3326 is a new generation of perfluorinated polymeric leveling agent, which is used in solvent and solvent-free coatings and inks to prevent the leveling and shrinkage problems caused by the difference in surface tension.














Industrial cyclohexanone peroxide and methyl ethyl ketone peroxide are mixtures. The general formula of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide is:
[(CH:) (CHg) CO], Oz(4-10) cyclohexanone peroxide is a mixture of the following structural formulas:
(4-11) There are a large amount of one C-OOH group, which can also be attributed to hydrogen peroxide. Because it is a mixture and the decomposition temperature is not
easy to accurately determine, both are medium-activity peroxidation initiators. They are mainly used in combination with a reducing agent to form a redox initiation
system, which is usually used to cure unsaturated polyester.
Hydrogen peroxide has a strong irritation to the skin, especially the eyes, so be careful when using it.

Dialkyl peroxide
Represented by di-tert-butyl peroxide and dicumyl peroxide, its structure and decomposition temperature.
Dialkyl peroxide initiators commonly used in industry
Decomposition temperature (0.2mol/L benzene) /℃
Di-tert-butyl peroxide
H-C, Hy-OO-CH-t
Dicumyl peroxide
Peroxide Butyl Isofolene
CH: CH-C-0-0-C-CH: CH,
CHa(-C; H, O0
To increase the monomer conversion rate. By heating the dialkyl peroxide compound, fischer tropsch wax emulsion the peroxy bond is split to generate two free radicals, the reaction is simple, the
side reaction is few, and the initiation efficiency is high. Only above 120°C, the generated free radicals may undergo secondary decomposition.


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