Sarawax SX105 VS TS-5115

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SX105 is a is a synthetic hard paraffin wax consisting of linear
alkane molecules polymerized from natural gas via Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

TS-5115 is  a kind of Fischer-Tropsch Wax , with high hardness and whiteness, low viscosity, concentrated molecular weight distribution, and good thermal stability.

Technical Parameters

Shell GTL Sarawax SX105 TS-5115
Wax Properties Synthetic Hard Paraffin Wax Fischer-Tropsch Wax
Appearance White solid Flake/ Granule
Melting Point    ℃ 100 – 107°C 110-116 °C
Penetration @ 65°C 4-9


Shell GTL Sarawax SX105 TS-5115
Hot Melt Adhesive Reduces viscosity,tackiness Provides gloss, lubricity and thermal stability
PVC lubrication Provides gloss,metal release increasing the fusion time and reduce the fusion torque
Inks&Coatings rub resistance, anti-scuff and anti-scratch
Materbatches pigment wetting,injection moulding dispersing agent

For plastic/PVC processing/masterbatches application,  TS-5115 is a good alternative of Sarawax SX105.

Tianshiwax is the largest and most professional producer for micronized waxes as well as a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of a broad line of specialty micronized wax powders in China, we are very familiar with most wax products for industrial usings.

Feel free to contact our wax expert for TDS and MSDS.

Dispersing agent Fischer-Tropsch Wax TS-5115 Name: Fischer-Tropsch Wax Model: TS-5115 Chemical Composition: FT Wax

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