Application of dispersing agent byk 2009

2021-10-06   Pageview:682

This additive is particularly suitable for the dispersion of silica-based matting powders in solvent-free UV systems. At low dosage, it improves matting efficiency and provides good orientation of the matting agent. Strongly reduces viscosity and provides Newtonian flow. DISPERBYK-2009 has a wide range of resin compatibility.













The vibration method is also widely used. It uses the Red Devil vibrator to vibrate repeatedly at a certain angle. The test material with defoamer added to the volume of the test tank is shaken for a specified time, and then the density is measured. This method is suitable for medium-viscosity paints or emulsions. The vibration time can be artificially determined by the difficulty of foam generation. The air mixing rate is small, and the defoaming effect is considered good. The recording method of the test results is shown in Table 20 and Table 3-21. The paint used is acrylic latex paint and does not contain defoamers before the test.

Table 3-20 shows the initial defoaming ability after adding the defoamer. Table 3-21 shows the defoaming ability after being placed in a constant temperature bath at 50℃ for two weeks and oxidized wax quality then vibrating at room temperature. The circulation method is used as a roller coating method or a curtain coating method in industrial construction, and the remaining paint after coating Fall into the receiver for recycling. Imitate the device used in the defoaming performance test method of the system to carry out the constant drop height and flow rate of the circulating material, and record the height of the material in the receiver at each period of time.

The selection method of solvent-based paint defoamer for direct painting method is to paint directly according to the predetermined amount, and the finished paint is painted or flow coated on the polyester film to observe the number of residual bubbles and shrinkage and compare with each other. Whichever is good, and then further adjustments in mass production.


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