How to improve the hydrophobic & waterproof effect of papermaking?

2021-04-03   Pageview:932

During the paper selection process, paper is internally filled with an inner rubber material, so that the inherent absorption film of the paper fiber has an ideal water resistance. Futher more, wax emulsions are required to achieve a hydrophobic & waterproof effect.

The use of polyethylene wax emulsion instead of rosin gum in the paper industry not only improves paper quality but also reduces production costs.

Nowadays, the traditional fillers of general enterprises generally use resins. If using wax emulsions, can replace 20% to 40% of traditional resins amount. The addition of wax emulsions can reduce the hygroscopicity of the paper and promote the uniform distribution of the gum in the fiber structure of the paper.

Another benefit of the addition of the wax emulsions that it counteracts the effect of the resin binder mixed with the various pigments, so the printability is improved and the printing efficiency is improved. The sized paper in the beater can usually be further processed and refined through its surface compound or coating.

Characteristics of wax emulsions in the paper industry:

1, Application: It can be used for special paper, corrugated paper, paper card board/paper corner, carton, water-soluble finishing agent, water-based varnish.

2, Product features: with ordinary waterproof, smooth and anti-blocking effect.

Tianshi Wax emulsions have ordinary anti-water and hydrophobic effects. It can penetrate into the fiber pores of paper products with strong dispersing properties. It can be diluted in any proportion of water without delamination, not breaking, good dispersion and penetration into other objects. Resistant to form a waterproof layer (water resistant), which can effectively improve the ordinary brightness and smooth feel of the paper surface.


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